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First let me say thanks for checking out our site. I’m guessing you are here because you are wanting to know a bit about the site and who I am. So lets get to it.

Who are you?

My name is Scott Michael and I’m the owner / creator of SpyderRiders.com. To make a long boring story a short boring story, I’m a father of two who enjoys spending time with my family and riding with my wife. For our 20th anniversary we purchased 2 new 2021 Can-Am Spyders without ever having ridden one. (Was a risk that was well worth it!) I’ve been hooked / addicted ever sense.

Thanks to the Amazon affiliate program I can earn a little bit of money by providing sort of a buyers guide and helping inform people about products and tips about the Can-Am Spyders. Anything to help pay those suckers off =).

Earnings Disclaimer

As mentioned earlier we are part of the Amazon affiliate program and do make a small commission when someone clicks through from one of our links and purchases a product on Amazon. This dose not affect the cost you pay at all. If you find our reviews to be helpful please support us by using our links to buy the products. Our full Earnings Disclaimer

Thank you again for stopping by and checking out our site!