Can-Am Spyder Covers Review


While we are still waiting on our driveway to be paved and our new metal building to be built, we invested in some Can-Am Spyder covers. Figured I might as well write a Can-Am Spyder Covers review and list a few others that we looked at.

To start off with the Can-Am Spyder covers at the dealership where we bought our Can-Am Spyders where going to cost about $150 each and that was for small covers that only covered the instruments and the seats. The larger covers that covered the entire Spyder were going to cost about $280 each. Now to be fair I can’t speak for the quality of those and assume they would be very high quality for that price.

However, seems how we will only be needing them for a month or so I figured it would be best to search online and I’m glad I did! Amazon to the rescue. We ending up going with the UltraGard 4-476BC Can Am F3 Cover for a fraction of the cost. We bought two for the price of one of the Spyder covers at the dealership that would have only covered half the Spyder.

Oddly enough I get an Amazon warning that “this product does not fit your: 2021 Can-Am Spyder F3 SE6” but I can assure you it does as you can see the image at the top of the page. The UltraGard Can Am F3 Cover fits perfect!

There are 2 zipper parts that are designed for a windshield and what I think is a back seat rest or a back seat seat rest (2 up seat rest). Neither of those are on our Can-Am Spyders so I just leave them zipped up. They also came with a small travel pouch which to be honest we haven’t used as we just put them both in a single plastic trash bag. (Much faster and easier).

Easy to use and includes straps

There are two bungie cords with hooks that you can hook together under the Can-Am Spyder however it’s not the easiest to reach under those things so I just hook them around the Spyder frame bars and back into the hole of the hooks. We only use the hooks when we know we won’t be riding them for a few days at a time. For example on the weekends when we get back from a ride and are done for the day we’ll wait about 30 minutes or so to let the mufflers cool down then put the covers on for the night with out strapping them. Then on Sunday evening we’ll strap them.

The UltraGard Can Am F3 Cover is super easy to put on and take off. While I’ll admit it’s obviously easier to put on and take off with two people, I’ve done it by myself a lot without any trouble at all. Below is a link to the ones we got with what should be the current price as well. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a simple low cost Can-Am Spyder F3 cover.

Can-Am 4-474BC Can-Am Ryker Cover

Looking for a Can-Am Ryker Cover? If so check out the UltraGard (4-474BC Can-Am Ryker Cover as it’s the Ryker version of the covers we bought for our Spyders and of the same quality.

Can-Am Spyder F3T/LTD Cover

Have a Can-Am Spyder F3T/LTD then check out this cover. The UltraGard 4-477BC Can-Am Spyder F3T/LTD Cover is similar to the cover we bought for our Can-Am F3 SE6 Spyders only designed to fit the Can-Am Spyder F3T/LTD. Great investment to protect your Spyder from the weather.

Can-Am Spyder Covers Video Review

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Questions or Comments?

Have any questions or comments regarding the Can-Am Spyder Covers? Please leave comment below and I’ll do my best to answer. Thank you for reading and hope I was able to help a little.

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